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Don’t you wish you could just run away from your day job and travel the world? Well, these hotties are privileged enough to be able to do that, and look amazing while doing so. For fit gals and inspiration on your next getaway, these accounts are the ones to follow.



The flawless Michelle Lou Lan runs her own fitness company called Mesh Yoga, and poses doing some pretty impressive splits in ethereal settings. Always with perfect hair and a 10/10 bod. How does she do it?



Sara‘s style is impeccable, and so are her wanderlust selfies that make us drool. Currently in Bali, her 795k followers eagerly await the vintage fashionista’s globetrotting antics and so do we.

Erika is a tomboy explorer with a wild beauty, and beach shots that turn us green with envy. We live out all our surfer babe fantasies through Erika, vicariously. Her company Salty Souls offers surf, yoga and empowerment adventures over 9 days. Count us in!

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