10 Foolish Things to Say or Not to Say When Texting Boys

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We live at a time when most of our daily interactions happen through texts. That’s right, we rarely even call people anymore. We just text everyone. So it’s not surprising that a lot of our dating and flirting also happens through text. When you give a guy your phone number you don’t even expect him to call, you know he’ll text. It takes a bit of the pressure off, since you don’t have to speak your mind immediately, you can take your time and write out a perfect response. But texting boys can be tricky, there’s a balance you have to strike. That’s why we compiled a couple of pointers to help you figure out what you should and shouldn’t say when texting boys.



1. You never want to come off as clingy when texting a new boy. It might be a good idea to avoid texts like “I miss you”, and instead text him something like “Wait till you see what I’m wearing” or “I can’t wait to take you home”. This way you’ll keep him interested and he’ll know you’re thinking of him.
10 Foolish Things to Say or Not to Say When Texting Boys1

2. Boys like sexy texts and they like to use their imagination. However, as girls, we know we’re not being sexy 24/7. So while we don’t recommend lying to your guy and saying you’re having a pillow fight with your girlfriends wearing nothing but lingerie, when really you’re having pizza and watching a romcom. But you could just say you’re in bed and leave it at that.
10 Foolish Things to Say or Not to Say When Texting Boys2

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